What is ISO/IEC 27005?

ISO/IEC 27005 provides guidelines for the establishment of a systematic approach to Information Security risk management which is necessary to identify organizational needs regarding information security requirements and to create an effective information security management system. Moreover, this international standard supports ISO/IEC 27001 concepts and is designed to assist an efficient implementation of information security based on a risk management approach.

Why is ISO/IEC 27005 essential for you?

ISO/IEC 27005 enables you to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to initiate the implementation of an information security risk management process. Therefore, it proves that you are able to identify, assess, analyze, evaluate and treat various information security risks faced by organizations. Moreover, it enables you to support organizations prioritize risks and undertake appropriate actions to reduce and mitigate them.
The training provided by PECB will help you to properly align organizations Information Security Management system with Information Security Risk Management process. Also, when obtaining the PECB Certified ISO/IEC 27005 Credentials you will be able to help organizations to continually improve an information security risk management process which leads the organization towards achieving its objectives.

Benefits of ISO/IEC 27005 Information Security Risk Management

PECB ISO/IEC 27005 Certificate will prove that you have:
  • Gained the necessary skills to support an effective implementation of an information security risk management process in an organization.
  • Acquired the expertise to responsibly manage an information security risk management process and ensure conformity with legal and regulatory requirements.
  • The ability to manage an information security and risk management team.
  • The ability to support an organization to align their ISMS objectives with ISRM process objectives.

ISO/IEC 27005 Infographic

How do I get started with ISO/IEC 27005 Training?

The objective of the PECB ISO/IEC 27005 training is to assist you to gain the necessary expertise for the implementation of information security system that is based on a risk management approach.  PECB experts will guide you towards improving the Information Security protection in your organization.
PECB Certified ISO 27005 training courses available now

Expand your knowledge and advance your skills regarding Information Security Management System through attending the PECB ISO/IEC 27005 training courses. By clicking one of the options below, you can find the training that best suits to you and your career.

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